Bishop to pray with Sisters

The Sisters of St. Joseph, Perthville, request your prayers as they prepare for an Extraordinary Chapter on Monday 15th July 2013.

At this Chapter, the Sisters will decide whether or not to petition Rome for the Perthville Congregation to formally merge with the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart (Brown Joeys).

The Sisters have been on a journey towards greater unity among all Sisters of St Joseph over many years. At the commencement of last year, the Perthville Sisters entered into a purposeful discernment process regarding their future and they are now approaching the point of decision-making.

This is a momentous decision which has involved much soul-searching and prayer over the past two years. The intention of the Sisters is to respond to God's will for them at this time.

Bishop Michael McKenna will celebrate Mass with the Sisters at 10.15am on Monday, before the Chapter begins.

The support of your prayers would be greatly appreciated by the sisters. For further information visit