Bishop McKenna attends NCCA Forum

Today, the National Council of Churches in Australia convenes in Melbourne for the forum it holds every three years.

The theme is: "Mission Shaped Ecumenism";  What is the call of God for the Church in Australia?

Bishop Michael McKenna will be in attendance as part of the Catholic delegation and will lead the Ecumenical Service on Sunday night.

Bishop Michael said that he will take the message to his colleagues in the NCCA that practical ecumenism is alive and well across the parishes of the Diocese of Bathurst.

“The road is not always easy, but we are urged on by the knowledge that it is Christ's will that his Church should live as one body, proclaiming one faith” the Bishop said.

The Bishop asks that the people of the Diocese support the Forum with their prayers, that our whole country may be renewed in Christ.

Forum Prayer
God of life, unity and peace, you have called us to be your people.
Bring us to closer unity with you within the household of your Church.
Direct our steps as we journey in the National Council of Churches in Australia,
that we may become what you have called us to be;
and that together we may walk in newness of life:
new and old, east and west, indigenous and all who have gathered in this land from the
corners of the earth.
We ask this in the name of Jesus and through the grace and communion of the Holy Spirit.     Amen.