Parish of St. Mary and St. Joseph - Orange

St Joseph's Church -
Corner of Hill and Byng Streets, Orange


 A historical account of the
"Catholic Parish of Orange

1864 - 2014" by Margaret Bastick


For table of contents, see the attached files.

Parish of St Mary and St Joseph 

84 Hill Street
P.O. Box 44
Orange NSW 2800

Ph: (02) 6362 2378
Fax: (02) 6362 2032


Parish Priest: Fr Greg Bellamy
Assistant Priest: Fr Pius Khaoya
Seminarian on pastoral placement: Diep Nguyen
Parish Business Manager: Michael O'Mara

Pastoral Assistant: Sr Helen Saunders, rsj

Parish Secretaries:
Joanne Doulman and Deb Cantrill

Sacramental Co-ordinator for Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation:
Shannon Cain, 6362 2378 or Email

Youth Ministers: Elizabeth Bowmer and
Jermanie Orge

Baptism - bookings and preparation
Sr Helen Saunders, rsj - 6362 2378

Public Primary School Catechists Co-ordinator: Bernadette Collins - 6362 2222

Orange Health Service - Mental Health
& Drug and Alcohol:

Robyn Blunt - 6360 7700

St. Francis Aged Care:
Mrs Laurie Dowler - 6362 9400


St Patrick’s, Cargo - 9.00am Saturdays before 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays (Sunday Liturgy)

St Mary’s, Orange - 6.00pm
(5.00pm April - October)
St Michael’s, Manildra - 6.00pm
(5.00pm April - October)

St Joseph’s, Orange - 8.00am
St Brendan's, Mullion Creek - 8.00am
(1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays)
St Columbanus, Cudal - 8.00am
(2nd and 4th Sundays)
St Mary’s, Orange - 9.30am
St Lawrence’s, Molong - 9.30am
St Joseph’s, Orange - 6.00pm
(5.00pm April - October)

St Mary’s, Orange - 10.15am - on 2nd Saturday

St Mary’s, Orange - 11.15am - on 3rd Sunday
St Joseph’s, Orange - 11.15am
on 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th Sundays

St Michael’s, Manildra - 5.40-5.55pm

(4.40-4.55pm April-October)

St Mary’s, Orange - 5.15-5.45pm
(4.15-4.45pm April-October)


St Mary’s, Orange - 5.00-5.40pm -
Eucharistic Exposition
St Mary’s, Orange - 5.45pm - Mass

St Mary’s, Orange - 9.lOam Rosary
St Mary’s, Orange - 9.30am Mass (St Mary’s Primary class attends Mass or whole school Mass)

St Lawrence’s, Molong - 9.30am - Mass (St Joseph’s Primary attends, according to schedule)
St Lawrence’s, Molong - 9.45-10.15am - Reconciliation for School and Parishioners
St Joseph’s, Orange -  5.00-5.40pm - Eucharistic Exposition
St Joseph’s, Orange - 5.45pm - Mass

St Joseph’s, Orange  -  9.10am - Rosary
St Joseph’s, Orange -  9.30am - Mass (Catherine McAuley Primary class or whole school attends)
St Joseph’s, Orange - 6.00-7.00pm - Holy Hour

St Joseph’s, Orange - 5.00-5.40pm - Eucharistic Exposition (Stations of the Cross instead during Lent)
St Joseph’s, Orange - 5.10-5.40pm - Reconciliation
St Joseph’s Orange - 5.45pm - Mass


8.30am at whichever Orange church usually has Mass that day, however ANZAC Day Mass is always at St Joseph's.


Catherine McAuley Catholic

Primary School

Principal: Michael Croke - 6361 3344

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

Principal: Kerrie Basha - 6362 7926

James Sheahan Catholic High School 

Principal: Peter Meers - 6362 1422

All payments made to the Parish
are non-refundable


St Mary's Church - Park Street, Orange

St Patrick's Church - Cargo

St Columbanus - Cudal

St Dympna’s - Cumnock

St Michael's Church - Manildra

St Lawrence's Church, Molong


St Brendan's Church - Mullion Creek

Holy Communion to the sick, frail aged and home-bound: 
Contact: Sr Helen Saunders, rsj - 6362 2378

Parish Groups:

Parish Finance Council contact is -
Chair: Chris Dwyer      Email

Liturgy Committee
Contact: Parish Office - 6362 2378

Choirs and Musicians
St Mary's Choir:         Sr Mary Trainor - 6362 1662
St Mary's, 9.30am:     Ann Patteson  6362 0725
                                  Jen Ringbauer  6365 4483
St Joseph's, 8am:      Maria King  6361 7554
St Joseph's Evening: John Hannan  6362 0217
Mullion Creek:            Barbara Ferguson 63658402

Children's Liturgy
Contact:                     Jenelle Price 6369 0786

Stay and Play: Once a month after the 9.30am Mass at St Mary's in the St Mary's Cottage.
Contact:  Parish Office (02) 6362 2378 or our Facebook page HERE

Other Parish Outreach:

Craft with Love
Mon 10am-2pm - Kenna Hall meeting room
Contact: Parish Office - 6362 2378

Kairos Ecumenical Prison Ministry
Contact: Phil Searl - 6362 4033 or 0419 618 054

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Vinnies Shop - McNamara Lane - 6361 0371

Holy Family Conference 
Meet Mon 5.30pm - St. Mary's meeting room

St Joseph's Conference
Meet Wed 4.45pm - Centre, McNamara Lane

St Mary's Conference
Meet Thur 6.00pm - Centre, McNamara Lane

Vinnies Soup Kitchen and Van

Nursing Homes & Aged Care Hostels

Mass Days and Times:

St Francis Aged Care - Clinton St
11am on 1st Tuesday of the month
Ascott Gardens Hostel - 83 Spring St
2pm on 1st Friday of the month
Calare Nursing Home - March St
11am on 2nd Thursday of the month
Cherrywood Nursing Home - Sieben Dr
11am on 3rd Thursday of the month
Wontama Hostel - Summer St
11am on 4th Thursday of the month
Gosling Creek Aged Care - Forest Rd
11am on 4th Tuesday of the month
Benjamin Short Grove -130 Huntley Road
11am on 1st Thursday of the month

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