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St Phil's continues to grow

St Philomena's Catholic Primary School, Bathurst has been successful in the latest round of grants provided by the State Government as part of the Community Building Partnership program.

State Member for Bathurst, Mr Paul Toole, said “It was great to visit St Philomena’s and announce $12,000 in funding from the latest round of Community Building Partnership funding. St Phil's will utilise the funding to extend their outdoor learning environment, making the most of their amazing playground and space, offering an opportunity for children to learn inside and outside of the classroom”.

Louise Davis



The St Phil’s fabulous flying fish
Congratulations to the 40 members of the St Philomena’s Primary School swimming team who were proud competitors in the Bathurst regional swimming carnival and winners of the percentage trophy for 2016 (after 12 dry years).

The O’Hara family certainly contributed to the success on the day with Paddy being awarded the 11 year boys champion and Jack runner-up junior boys champion. The hot pink fluoro swim caps emblazoned with the St Phil’s school emblem proved to be their ‘winged-keel’ and the many vocal supporters were justly rewarded on the day. A large number of the squad have made it to the Diocesan carnival to be held in early March in Dubbo. Well done St Phil’s.

Janine Kearney

St Phil’s visit Rahamim
At the end of last year, the Kindergarten and Y1 students from St Philomena’s, Bathurst paid a visit to Rahamim Ecology Centre. The children were learning all about plastic, what it is used for, how it impacts out environment and how we can reuse, recycle and avoid. The students were set a crafty challenge to create a masterpiece entitled "A Memorial to Oil". The artwork encouraged the children to think about their use of oil each day in so many products.

Students discussed the fact that all plastic products are derived from oil.

The future challenge from the session was to think of ways to avoid using plastic products, choosing alternative material or reusing something they already have.

It was a great day which helped empower the students to use the planet's resources differently in the future.

Eve Capper

Resting in the Lord at St. Phils
Students at St Philomena’s took the Pope’s advice and “resting in the Lord” for the health of their minds and bodies. School principal, James Farr said the school decided to host a Rest in the Lord Week from 18th – 22nd May, which was a time for parents, students and teachers to focus on their spiritual, mental and physical growth.

He said he thought the Pope’s suggestion to rest in the Lord was a great idea. “Pope Francis said that rest is necessary for the health of our minds and bodies, and often so difficult to achieve due to the many demands placed on us,” he said. “But rest is also important for our spiritual health, so we can hear God’s voice and understand what he asks of us.”

Mr Farr said as term two could be very busy, the school community would use this week as a time for everyone to rest in the Lord. “This will be a period for use to pray and think about and understand what God wants from us,” he said. “During this week there will be no homework or after-school meetings.” Mr Farr said as part of the week students, staff and parents would be participating in meditation, yoga, relaxation skills and activities and prayers.

He also encouraged families to organise a special event where everyone comes together to talk, relax and pray. “This could be as simple as a special meal, going to mass or going on a family outing,” he said.

During the week, the students at the school are also using Pope Francis’ Five Finger Prayer as a simple way to pray. Children were asked to lead their family in prayer using this model. The thumb is the closest finger to you, so you pray for those close to you. The index finger is to pray for those who teach, instruct and heal you. The middle finger, your tallest finger, is to pray for leaders, governors and people in authority. The fourth finger, or ring finger, is the weakest finger, and reminds us to pray for the weak, sick or those plagued by problems. Finally, the pinkie reminds us to pray for ourselves.

Courtesy of The Western Times

Mini Vinnies' Junk Olympics
At the end of Term 1 our Mini Vinnies Committee held a Junk Olympics. Students were asked to bring in recyclable items, and other items they no longer used, from home. It was decided that the money raised from this fundraiser would go towards the Restoration Appeal for the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. John, Bathurst.

The very impressive amount of $250 was raised.

St Philomena's School Mini Vinnies Committee

Cooking with Jan Young
Masterchef look out! We have some of our own promising cooks right here at St. Philomena's. We were lucky enough to have Mrs Jan Young from the Country Women's Association share her wealth of wisdom on cooking the perfect Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins. The CWA is running a cooking competition at the Bathurst City Centre and we are encouraging children to take part. It is all aimed at getting children more active in the kitchen, steering away from pre packaged cake mixes and making them from scratch. Our cooking group measured, sifted, melted, greased, mixed and baked very professionally under the watchful eye of Jan.

We are luckily enough to have Jan re-visit our school later in the term to get us all motivated to enter the many cooking sections in the Royal Bathurst Show. Many thanks goes to Jan Young for a great day of enrichment.

Western Advocate

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