Fallen Police Remembered

An Ecumenical Liturgy of Remembrance was held in the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. John in Bathurst at 11.00am on Friday 27th for National Police Remembrance Day. Bishop McKenna and the Dean of the Cathedral, Rev Pat O'Regan, were joined by Chifley Local Area Command Police Chaplains - Anglican Bishop Emeritus Richard Hurford and Father Joe Dooley.

The service was attended by local police officers including Inspector Inspector Mark Wall (Duty Officer, Chifley Local Area Command), Superintendent Michael Robinson (Chifley Local Area Commander) and Inspector Colin Cracknell (Duty Officer, Chifley Local Area Command). Also present were family members and friends of police officers who had lost their lives in the course of duty.

Candles were lit for the fallen as the Honour Roll was read. Father Dooley, in his address to the congregation, thanked the men and women of the Police Force and supported and encouraged them in their role as peace-keepers. There were also prayers for those officers who are currently serving in the Force. 'The Lament' was played by piper John McKenzie.  Refreshments followed in the Cathedral Parish Centre giving people a chance to thank those officers present in person.

National Police Remembrance Day is commemorated across the country and is an occasion where people can reflect on each individual police force and remember those officers killed on duty. It provides an opportunity to honour all police who have given their lives serving the Australian and Southwest Pacific communities. Australian Federal Police Website


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