CCER Lodges Wage Review Submission

The Catholic Commission for Employment Relations (CCER) is a unique not for profit organisation with responsibility for advising Catholic employers in NSW and the ACT on a broad range of employment law, employment relations and human resource issues. Last week, CCER lodged a submission for the annual Wage review (see below). The submission talks to important matters around the lack of protection the wages system gives to low income families, set amidst rising poverty levels.

To open this area up, CCER has also released an eBook - Working Australia, 2014: wages, families and poverty. It  is now on the Australian Catholic Council for Employment Relations' (ACCER) website

The ACCER advises the Australian Catholic Bishops Commission for Administration and Information (of which Bishop McKenna is a member) on various work related matters. These include:

  • The promotion of the life and mission of the Catholic Church in Australia in the area of work and the employment  relationship.
  • Matters relating to work and the employment relationship in areas of Catholic Church employment.
  • Advocacy in support of work and the employment relationship in Australian society, based on Catholic Social Doctrine and in co-operation with the Bishops Commission for Health and Community Service and the Bishops Commission for Justice and Development.