World Communications Day

Prayer World Communications Day

Dear Lord

Thank you for the gift of communication, through which we connect with one another.

Thank you Lord for the gift of the media and the communications technologies at our fingertips.

The Internet, in particular, offers immense possibilities for encounter and solidarity.
Help us to always use these gifts wisely and for good.

We ask that the desire for digital connectivity may not isolate us from our neighbours and
we pray that our communication may be at the service of an authentic encounter with you.

Help us to make time to be silent and to listen.

We pray that our Church may be capable of bringing warmth and of stirring hearts. Amen

'Communication at the Service of an Authentic Culture of Encounter’ is the 2014 theme promulgated by Pope Francis for the 48th World Communications Day.

World Communications Day falls on 25 May this year, throughout the Catholic Church in Australia. To celebrate the occasion, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Communications Office has created a digital storytelling project entitled ‘Stirring Hearts’.

The Stirring Hearts trailer can be viewed here: Each story is told using digital media, embracing our online communication technologies and social media to spread our good news stories “to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8). 

Each story is “unique, blessed and oftentimes a challenging story of life and faith”. The twelve digital stories are five to six minute YouTube videos published on the Stirring Hearts website:

Stirring Hearts is a response to the Holy Father’s message that speaks of social networks as one way to experience the call to discover the beauty of faith and the beauty of encountering Christ. “In the area of communications we need a Church capable of bringing warmth and of stirring hearts,” Pope Francis said.

Stirring Hearts is an online resource for your parishioners, local schools, youth groups, parish councils and catechists to use. In addition to the digital stories, a toolkit of educational and parish resources including reflection questions, suggested intercessions and homily notes is available at:

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