Armidale Youth Group Leader Visits Midnight BBQ

The Catholic Young Adults Group (YAG) of Bathurst regularly host a "Midnight BBQ"? Upon hearing this I had many questions about its operation, funding and success, so I figured the best way to get answers was to go on a stake out...of the BBQ kind!

They were "snagging"! By this I mean they were literally luring people in with free sausage sandwiches. It is typically Catholic to organise an event around food and Catholics are so good at "table fellowship". This comes as no suprise as we have been doing this for more than 2000 years when we celebrate The Last Supper at Mass.

The Bathurst Catholic Cathedral happens to be in the cross fire of many a pub, making it a prime position to "snag" a happy wanderer. Passers by see a group of joyful people, laughing, listening to music and of course barbequing a whole lot of sausages! Then the shout out begins "FREE SAUSAGE SANDWICHES!" and the people start to gather, talk, eat and ask questions.

The BBQ generates much curiosity regarding its purpose. It works on the principal of simple witness through community servitude and the YAG certainly open up an opportunity for God to work His graces in the hearts of these people. The public responded warmly to the invitation, with compliments, thanks, donations and sometimes by proudly broadcasting their childhood association with the Catholic Church. "This is my Church!" I heard one of them say. I did not initially anticipate that the "Midnight BBQ" would be so successful but I can see now the good fruits of their labour and I wish the YAG group much success into the future!

Elyse Beck
Leader of the Young Catholic Group Armidale