Synod Report - The Church must renew commitment to family

Catholic News Agency (CNA) reports that the approach to irregular unions must start from positive aspects, and stable couples should be accompanied in a development toward the sacrament of marriage, the Synod of Bishops said in a midterm report issued Monday, 13th October. 

“We have gathered together the results of our reflections and our dialogues in the following three parts,” reads the Oct. 13 “relatio post disceptationem,” the interim document which the synod fathers will consider in small groups during the remainder of the meeting.

The three parts are listening to the complex situation of the family today; “looking, our gaze fixed on Christ, to re-evaluate with renewed freshness and enthusiasm what the revelation transmitted in the faith of the Church tells us about the beauty and dignity of the family”;  and discussion “in the light of the Lord Jesus to discern the ways in which the Church and society can renew their commitment to the family.”

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