Bishop's Christmas Missionary Appeal

The proceeds of the 2014 Bishop’s Special Missionary Appeal at Christmas will once again be directed towards the construction of a new church in Cairui, in Timor Leste.

This neighbouring country of ours is one of the poorest in Asia but its people retain hope for a brighter future; and their Catholic faith is a very important part of this hope.

While the commitment of the Diocese of Bathurst was initially for two years, Bishop McKenna, on the advice of the Council of Priests, has agreed that this year’s collection should also be directed to the project, to ensure its completion.

It is hoped that the St. John de Brito Chapel will be completed next year and be blessed on 8th December 2015, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

We are fortunate to have many beautiful churches in our Diocese where we can worship. It would be a great blessing for the 4,000 parishioners of Cairui if they could celebrate Christmas in their new church next year.

There will be an opportunity to share the spirit of Christmas, and help bring this project to fruition, at all Christmas Masses across the Diocese. You can also send your donation direct to Bishop McKenna at PO Box 246, Bathurst, NSW, 2795.