Annual Fathers' Day Appeal in support of our retired priests

Father’s Day this year is on 1st September and is also the day when there will be a special collection for the Clergy Support Foundation for our retired priests

The Diocese of Bathurst Clergy Support Foundation provides assistance to Diocesan priests who have retired or who are in ill-health.

They have given years of service to God's people and many continue, as health and strength allow, as ministers of Word and Sacrament. They continue to help our local church with their prayers.

There are 12 priests who are currently retired all of whom are grateful for the support the people of the Diocese provide to them when they make a donation to the Clergy Support Foundation.

The support the Foundation provides can include financial assistance for the provision of welfare, maintenance and the necessities of life. Supporting the Clergy Support Foundation allows us to acknowledge priests who have ministered throughout our Diocese over a number of years, but who are now in need of our assistance.

Your donation helps them cover healthcare costs and expenses associated with everyday living, supplementing the pension that some receive.

Please give generously this Father’s Day Appeal. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

There will be a special collection for the Clergy Support Foundation of the Diocese on Father’s Day. 

Donations can be made HERE>