VERTO partners with Stannies ahead of Fiji community initiative tour

Twenty six senior students from St Stanisalus’ College, Bathurst will this week fly to Fiji to take part in a 10-day rugby and community outreach tour.

The tour will see the group travel the East Coast of Fiji to participate in rugby union matches against schools in Nasouri, Natovi and Lodoni.

The VERTO partnership supports the community service work the boys will take part in while touring the island.To assist in these community projects, VERTO has donated a total of $2,000 which will go towards a number of items including tools and manufacturing equipment for the students and staff to purchase and use while engaging in community work.

VERTO CEO Ron Maxwell said that the donation to the tour is only the beginning of an ongoing partnership with St Stanislaus’ College in an effort to build a firm relationship with the school.

"VERTO is committed to helping communities, especially those in regional NSW, through improving their economic circumstances through employment. This a great initiative by St Stanislaus College to help communities in need in our Pacific neighbours and we'reproud to support their efforts”.

This will be St Stanislaus’ College’s second trip in three years, rekindling relationships with some Fijian communities which started over a decade ago. The team is looking forward to having the extra support from VERTO to really make an impact on the schools and villages they are visiting.

“We are beyond grateful for the donation from VERTO. This will allow our boys to really sink their teeth into some projects in schools and villages across Fiji that are reall ystruggling. We have a particular relationship with St Vincent’s Natovi and we will spend  afew days there supporting the repairs and maintenance program that has been ongoing since the extreme damage caused through Cyclone Winston”, Mr Jack English, St Stanislaus’ teacher and tour lead said.

The boys will fly out on Friday, 13 April and will return Sunday, 22 April. To keep updated with their activity follow St Stanislaus College on Facebook (St Stanislaus’College, Bathurst) and Instagram(@stanniesbathurst)

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