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SRE teachers and assistants go to the local state school on behalf of the local parish. Most parishes have an SRE coordinator who can talk to you about how SRE is organised in your parish. Please contact your parish office or email your region coordinator for more information.

Authorisation of SRE teachers and assistants

The authorisation process involves:

  1. Obtain a Working With Children Check (WWCC) number. This can be obtained from the Office of the Children’s Guardian.

  2. Fill in a Safe Ministry and Clearance form and SRE Volunteer Engagement form (these are also available from your parish office). Give these forms with your WWCC “Notice to Employer’ letter received from the Children’s Guardian to the parish office or send to the Catholic Chancery Office, P O Box 246, Bathurst NSW 2795, to be verified. You can also email the forms to (remove XX) admin XX @bathurst XX

  3. You will then be given a Code of Conduct to read and a form to sign to say that you agree to follow the code. 

  4. Your authorisation card and name badge will be issued.

  5. To continue to be authorised you must complete training in Child Protection, Classroom Management, Delivering the Curriculum and other modules suggested by the Inter-Church Commission of Religious Education in Schools (ICCREIS).  Your region coordinator will let you know how to access this training. 

  6. You will be supported in your role by your parish SRE coordinator, other SRE teachers, your parish priest, the regional SRE coordinator and the prayers of many across the Diocese. 

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