Work begins on historic Cathedral

Bishop Michael McKenna will bless the inauguration of restoration work on the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. John on Spring Ember Day, Friday 7th September 2012.

Nearly $120,000 has been donated to the Cathedral Restoration Appeal to-date. This generous response to the launch of the Appeal at the end of June has allowed this important work to commence.

The first part of the restoration will be the bell tower, and the erection of scaffolding will now enable more detailed planning of that part of the project.

On the same day, Bishop McKenna will be releasing his Pastoral Letter “Rebuild my Church” in which he will elaborate on plans for a Diocesan Assembly next year and a Diocesan Pastoral Plan. In the letter, the Bishop says he prays that “what we are doing with bricks and mortar will become a tangible and visible symbol of the deeper work of renewal that Christ’s house, his Church, needs here and now”.