Ordination of Reverend Reynold Glenn Jaboneta

New Priest for Diocese of Bathurst

Renewal for the Church ~ in a Year of Grace

On Tuesday 4th September 2012, Bishop Michael McKenna ordained Reynold Glenn Jaboneta as a Priest for the Diocese of Bathurst in the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. John in Bathurst. The Mass which was concelebrated by 34 of Father Reynold’s brother priests from the Diocese, the Philippines and the Good Shepherd Seminary.

Reynold’s parents and other family and friends from the Philippines were able to be there for this special occasion, along with people from around the Diocese who have come to know Reynold during his time as a seminarian and as Deacon.

The Cathedral was filled with joy as this man offered his life for the service of God and his people. In his Homily, Bishop McKenna spoke of Christ’s call to us all to ‘Love one another’ and of the unique kind of leadership needed by the Church - leadership with Christ as its source and purpose.

The Bishop said “(with the laying on of hands) you will see and hear the Grace of God, renewing his Church“”. The priestly vocation, he told the congregation, is not a feeling: it is a sacred call by the Church. “…..We pray that (Reynold) will be a friend of Jesus Christ; and that his priestly life will be a work of love”.

Reynold thanked God for the gift of Priesthood and asked the congregation for their continued prayers as he begins the next phase of his journey, which he said “despite the roadblocks and detours, has led me to the table of the Lord”.

Bishop McKenna has appointed Father Reynold as Assistant Priest of Mudgee, Gulgong and Kandos parishes.

Bishop McKenna's Homily for the Ordination of Reverend Reynold Glenn Jaboneta

Reverend Jaboneta's reflections as he prepared for Ordination....


Saint Luke captured how Jesus struggled with “doing the will” of his Father. The evangelist described it this way, “He was in such agony and he prayed so fervently that his sweat became like drops of blood falling on the ground.” (22:44).

Fr Ron Rolheiser reflected on it this way, “Jesus sweating blood in the garden of Gethsemane. There we see the necessary connection between sweating blood in the garden and keeping our commitments and our integrity. Nobody will remain faithful in a marriage, a vocation, a friendship, a family, a job, or just to his or her integrity without sometimes sweating blood in the garden.”

My own agony in the garden is summed up in Peter's words, “Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man.” (Luke 5:8). But we are also told that Peter “left everything and followed him.” (Luke 5:11).

I first left home in 1988 to pursue the priesthood. I exchanged a scholarship grant from the University of The Philippines to seminary formation. The seminary paved the way for me to obtain my degree in Philosophy and Theology. I left the seminary to work and support my parents. Even when I was out of formation I would always volunteer for the Mission. My work in the Missions paved the way for my discernment to wrestle with the will of God for me. Then the Diocese of Bathurst came into the picture. I always had that attraction of being a missionary overseas. The decision was an experience of “sweating blood in the garden.”

But Rolheiser would put my experience this way, “Unless we are willing at times to sweat blood in the garden so as to remain true to our commitments, personal integrity, and the things that faith asks of us, we will not sustain a real faith.”

Perhaps along this path, within this dynamic - the spirituality of doing the will of the Father - I could become a Catholic priest in the way Saint Maximilian Kolbe identified himself - that I am “a gift from the heart of Christ.” (Benedict XVI).

Pray fervently for me.

Reynold Jaboneta

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