Bishop Blesses Inauguration of Restoration Work on Cathedral

Bishop Michael McKenna today Blessed the Inauguration of restoration work on the historic Cathedral of St. Michael and St. John in Bathurst.

A small group gathered outside the Cathedral on Spring Ember Day, 7th September 2012. Kept in the Catholic Church since the fifth century, Ember Days mark the beginning of each of the four seasons. In Australia they are observed on the First Friday of Autumn and Spring as special days of repentance and renewal.

During the Liturgy, Bishop McKenna prayed for all those who would work on the restoration of the Cathedral over the coming years. He asked God's blessing, not just for their physical safety, but for them and the work they are doing, noting that when we build or repair a Church, it is more than bricks and mortar, it is an expression of our faith.

The Cathedral Restoration Appeal which was launched at the end of June has raised more than $120,000 todate.