Diocesan Finance Council

The Diocesan Finance Council (DFC) is the primary consultative body to the Bishop on financial and administrative matters. Its role is to advise the Bishop on the administration of temporal goods of the Diocese.

The Council members are appointed by the Bishop with skills and expertise in finance, accounting, investment and law. Mr Jim Couper is the Chair. Mr Ron Gillard is Deputy Chair of the Council, and Chair of the CDF Subcommittee and Mr Phil Burgett is also Deputy Chair, and Chair of the Property Subcommittee.

Current Members of the Council, which also has responsibility for our Catholic Development Fund, are:

  • Dr Kathy Bowman
  • Mr Phil Burgett (Deputy Chair)
  • Mrs Saranne Cooke
  • Mr Patrick Cooper (Diocesan Financial Administrator) - Ex Officio 
  • Mr Jim Couper (Chair)
  • Very Rev Paul Devitt (Vicar General) - Ex Officio
  • Mr Mathew Dickerson
  • Mr Chris Drayton
  • Mr Chris Dwyer
  • Mr Ron Gillard (Deputy Chair)
  • Fr Mark McGuigan (Chancellor)
  • Mr Patrick Cooper (Diocesan Financial Administrator) - Ex Officio

In order to be well advised and supported in my stewardship and administration of the temporal goods of the Diocese according to Catholic teaching, the provisions of the Code of Canon Law and sound principles of financial administration and compliance with secular law; and as a means of involving clergy and lay faithful in co-responsibility for the life and mission of the local church, I hereby establish the Finance Council of the Diocese of Bathurst (“the Council”), according to these statutes: