A statement from Bishop McKenna in relation to proposed changes to abortion laws in NSW




Dear Friends in Christ,

You would be aware, from media reports, that there is an attempt underway to push through abortion legislation in our State Parliament without adequate consideration of its consequences. I salute those Members of Parliament who are resisting this attempt; and encourage you to support them.

Those who propose the legislation are no doubt sincere in their arguments. However, as so often in this debate, someone is forgotten. That is the human being: unborn, but human, who has no rights when her or his life or death is being decided.

Also forgotten are those medical professionals who would conscientiously oppose such procedures, from whom the law could withdraw protection.

And thoroughly forgotten are the mothers faced with difficult circumstances in their pregnancies, for whom, instead of genuine care, only the bleak option of a termination is offered.

Whatever the outcome of the political debate, we cannot be silent in the face of what is being attempted.

Lord, have mercy on us.


+Michael McKenna
Bishop of Bathurst

31 July 2019