Thank God for the Diocesan Assembly

I give thanks to God for our Diocesan Assembly. It was full of intelligence, honesty and love for the Church. We now have a way forward, with the appointment soon of an Assembly Council, to evaluate the many good ideas that have emerged and to help develop practical policies and actions for renewing and rebuilding our community of faith.

The generosity and skill of those who organized the Assembly over many months has been an enormous gift for our local church. The wonderful efforts of the Assembly youth team, who kept things running so well over the weekend, and the contribution of people working in liturgy, music, catering and stacking chairs have been part of that gift. And our special guest, Marita Winters, gave inspiring input and facilitated our plenary session with sensitive efficiency. 

It was good to be together, from all across the Diocese, sharing joy and hope in the Lord who was truly present. Let’s pray that the energy generated may be channeled into works at the service of the Gospel, here and now.

+Michael McKenna
Bishop of Bathurst