CDF On-Line Transactions

The Catholic Development Fund offers ON-LINE TRANSACTIONS for your convenience.

On-Line, you can....Check your account balances.....Check the interest you've earned on your accounts.....Transfer funds between your CDF Accounts.....Transfer funds to and from an external account.....Print Statements.....Set up and monitor regular external payments.

You can download the necessary forms below (at the bottom of this page) and deliver them to the Catholic Development Fund in Bathurst to get your application underway. If you'd like more information about On-Line Transactions with the CDF, just call us on: Freecall 1800 451 760 (Diocese of Bathurst, NSW).

INDIVIDUALS will need...

  • Application for CDF On-Line Access - Individual or Joint Account
  • On-Line External Debit Request
  • On-Line External Debit Request - Service Agreement
  • Security Questions
  • Application for New Password
  • Terms and Conditions
SCHOOL, PARISH or DIOCESAN ORGANISATIONS will need the same forms, with the addition of.....
  • Authority for Linking CDF Accounts to CDF On-Line