Sacred Heart and St Lawrence O'Toole Parish - Molong

The Church of the Sacred Heart and
St Lawrence O'Toole
Riddell Street, Molong NSW 2866

Ph: (02) 6362 2378
(02) 6362 2032

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Parish Priest: Fr Greg Bellamy (Resident in Orange)
Assistant Priest: Fr Antony Vattakkunnel CMI
Assistant Priest: Fr Karl Sinclair (Orange)

Pastoral Presence: Sr Frances McAleer rsj (Molong)

St. Joseph 's School, Molong
Principal: Mr Matthew French

St. Joseph 's School, Manildra
Principal: Mrs Jacky Parmeter

Mass Centres:
Molong; Manildra.

Read The Parish Overview 24th October HERE>

Read The Parish Overview 17th October HERE>


From 18th October 2021 the following regulations are in place for places of worship:

  • All people may attend a place of worship, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Masks must continue to be worn inside.
  • The 1 person per 4sqm density limit must continue to be observed.
  • QR code or manual register must continue to be used.
  • Congregational singing is still not permitted.
  • Choirs of up to 10 people are permitted to sing, however all must be fully vaccinated.
  • Weddings are permitted with numbers uncapped, other than the 1 person per four square metre density limit.
  • Funerals are permitted with numbers uncapped, other than the 1 person per four square metre density limit.

The dispensation issued by Bishop Michael McKenna last year in relation to our Sunday obligations is still in effect.  

It is critical that everyone continues to practise COVID-safe behaviours, including social distancing, staying home if unwell and getting tested if suffering from the mildest of symptoms.  

More general information on the current Covid regulations can be found HERE>

Density capacities at 1 person per 4sqm in the Molong parish are:

  • St Lawrence’s Church, Molong:40
  • St Michael’s Church, Manildra: 40

Mass Times:
St. Michael's, Manildra ~ 6.00pm
(5.00pm non-daylight savings time)

St. Lawrence's, Molong ~ 9.30am

St Lawrence’s, Molong - 9.15am - Mass
(St Joseph’s Primary attends, according to schedule)

St. Michael's, Manildra ~ 5.40pm-5.55pm
(4.40-4.55pm non-daylight savings time)

St Lawrence’s, Molong
 - 9.45-10.15am - Reconciliation for school and parishioners

Parish Pastoral Council:

Ann Wood (Chair); Aileen Roberson (Secretary)

Parish Finance Council:
Barry Gibson (Chair) 
Contact: Orange Parish Office 02 6362 2378

Parish Groups:

Word and Faith Group - meet the last Tuesday of each month - 9.30am and 7.30pm in the front room of the Convent.

Liturgy Group - Contact Ann Wood and Margaret Brown - under the guidance of Sr Ann Morrison rsj. Meet bi-monthly. Enquire at Parish.


The Church of the Sacred Heart and
St Lawrence O'Toole 

St Michael's Church - Manildra

St Dympna's Church - Cumnock

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