Parish of St. Mary and St. Joseph - Orange

St Joseph's Church -
Corner of Hill and Byng Streets, Orange

Parish of St Mary and St Joseph 

84 Hill Street
P.O. Box 44
Orange NSW 2800

Ph: (02) 6362 2378
Fax: (02) 6362 2032


The Joyful Commission - August/September 2021 is available HERE>

Register your child's interest in the Sacrament of Confirmation for 2021 HERE

Clergy Team
Fr Greg Bellamy, Parish Priest
Fr Antony Vattakkunnel cmi, Assistant Priest
Fr Karl Sinclair, Assistant Priest

Mission Team 
Ms Amy Sullivan, Director of Ministries
Ms Melissa Ryan, Family Educator and Sacramental Coordinator 
Sr Frances McAleer rsj, Resident in Molong
Miss Rebecca Geddes, Youth Minister 

Mission Support Team
Mr David Cuming, Administration Manager
Mr Michael O’Mara, Project Manager
Ms Lisa McDonald, Parish Secretary
Ms Anne Wykamp, Parish Receptionist

Public Primary School Catechists Co-ordinator: Bernadette Collins - 6362 2222

Orange Health Service - Mental Health
& Drug and Alcohol:

Robyn Blunt - 6360 7700

St Francis Aged Care:
Mrs Laurie Dowler - 6362 9400

COVID-19 Restrictions:

The State Government announced that from Saturday 26 June 2021, the COVID-19 restricitions affecting places of worship are as follows: 

  • The number of people allowed to attend a place of worship for Mass, private prayer or any gathering, is based on the 1 person per 4 square metre rule;
  • Funerals are limited to 1 person per 4 square metres capped at 100 people, including the celebrant;
  • Masks are compulsory in all indoor non-residential settings, including workplaces and places of worship; 
  • Singing by audiences and choirs at indoor venues or by congregants at indoor places of worship will not be allowed;
  • All organisations must continue to use QR Codes or manual sign-in registers, to enable fast contact tracing in the event of any community transmission.
It is critical everyone continues to practise COVID-safe behaviours, practising social distancing, staying home if  unwell and getting tested if suffering from the mildest of symptoms.


The dispensation issued by Bishop Michael McKenna in relation to our Sunday obligation is still in effect. 

Legal capacities for each church/building are:

  • St Joseph’s Church, Orange: 120
  • St Mary's Church, Orange: 200
  • St Lawrence’s Church, Molong: 40
  • St Michael’s Church, Manildra: 40
  • St Patrick’s Church, Cargo: 25
  • St Columbanus’ Church, Cudal: 25
  • St Brendan’s Church, Mullion Creek: 25



St Columbanus, Cudal: 8.00am 

St Patrick's, Cargo:  9.30am 

St Mary's, Reconciliation:  5.15pm in daylight savings time  and 4.15pm in non-daylight savings time.

St Mary's
, Orange, Vigil Mass: 6.00pm in daylight savings time, 5.00pm in non-daylight savings time.

St Michael's, 
Manildra: 6.00pm


St Brendan's, Mullion Creek: 8.00am

St Joseph’s, 
Orange: 8.30am

St Mary's,
Orange: 10.00am

St Lawrence's,
Molong: 10.00am


Please contact the Parish Office to dicuss arranging a Baptism. Ph 6362 2378



5.00pm - 5.40pm: St Mary's, Orange - Eucharistic Exposition
5.45pm: St Mary's, Orange - Mass

9.30am: St Mary's, Orange - 9.30am Mass 

5.00pm - 5.40pm: St Joseph’s, Orange - Eucharistic Exposition
5.45pm: St Joseph’s, Orange - Mass

9.30am: St Joseph’s, Orange - Mass (Catherine McAuley Primary class or whole school attends)

5.00pm - 5.40pm: St Joseph’s, Orange - Eucharistic Exposition (Stations of the Cross instead during Lent)
5.10pm - 5.40pm: St Joseph’s, Orange Reconciliation
5.45pm: St Joseph’s, Orange - Mass


9.30am at whichever Orange church usually has Mass that day however, the ANZAC Day Mass is always 8:30am at St Joseph's.


Catherine McAuley Catholic

Primary School

Principal: Michael Croke - 6361 3344

St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

Principals: Gayle Stratton - 6362 7926

James Sheahan Catholic High School 

Principal: Peter Meers - 6362 1422

All payments made to the Parish
are non-refundable


St Mary's Church - Park Street, Orange

St Patrick's Church - Cargo

St Columbanus - Cudal

St Dympna’s - Cumnock

St Michael's Church - Manildra

St Lawrence's Church, Molong


St Brendan's Church - Mullion Creek

Holy Communion to the sick and home-bound:
Contact the Parish Office on 6362 2378

Parish Groups:

Alpha is a great way to meet people and explore the Christian faith. Alpha includes food, a video session and discussion. Everyone is welcome and no question is off limits. Alpha is completely free. Register at for more information.

Parish Finance Council contact is -
Chair: Chris Dwyer      Email

Choirs and Musicians
St Mary's Choir:         Sr Mary Trainor - 6362 1662
St Mary's, 9.30am:     Ann Patteson  6362 0725 
St Joseph's Evening: John Hannan  6362 0217
Mullion Creek:            Barbara Ferguson 63658402

Children's Liturgy
Contact:                     Jenelle Price 6369 0786

Other Parish Outreach:

Kairos Ecumenical Prison Ministry
Contact: Phil Searl - 6362 4033 or 0419 618 054

St Vincent de Paul Society

Vinnies Shop - McNamara Lane - 6361 0371

St Joseph's Conference
Meet Wed 4.45pm - Centre, McNamara Lane

St Mary's Conference
Meet Thur 6.00pm - Centre, McNamara Lane

Vinnies Soup Kitchen and Van

Nursing Homes & Aged Care Hostels

Mass Days and Times:

St Francis Aged Care - Clinton St
11.00am on 1st Tuesday of the month
Ascott Gardens Hostel - 83 Spring St
2.00pm on 1st Friday of the month
Calare Nursing Home - March St
11.00am on 2nd Thursday of the month
Cherrywood Nursing Home - Sieben Dr
11.00am on 3rd Thursday of the month
Wontama Hostel - Summer St
11.00am on 4th Thursday of the month
Gosling Creek Aged Care - Forest Rd
11.00am on 4th Tuesday of the month
Benjamin Short Grove - 130 Huntley Road
11.00am on 1st Thursday of the month

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