What we teach

SRE teachers and assistants teach from approved curriculum that have been written by educators. There are two types of programs, Catholic programs and Combined programs. 

All programs are reviewed by the providers on a cyclic basis (for more information please see their websites). Only the most current version of the curriculum is approved to teach in the Diocese.

Catholic Special Religious Education (SRE)

At schools where there are separate SRE classes for Catholic students the program Christ our Light and Life from the Sydney Archdiocese is used. An overview of the content can be found at http://www.ccdsydney.catholic.edu.au/currRes/overview.html

Joint Denominational SRE

At schools where all Christian denominations are taught together a program that has been approved by all providers is used. The ones used in the Bathurst Diocese are listed below. Please contact your local school to see which program is used. 

Beginning with God:  https://www.cepstore.com.au/images/file/BWG%20syllabus.pdf 

Combined Connect: http://cepconnect.com.au/images/uploads/Connect-scope-and-sequence-all.pdf  

Combined GodSpace: https://www.godspace.org.au/scope_%26_sequence.html

The following resources from the Department of Education and Training are useful for SRE teachers and anyone interested in the SRE program. 

Implementation procedures: https://education.nsw.gov.au/policy-library/associated-documents/REimplementproced.pdf

Learning across the curriculum Religion and Ethics: https://education.nsw.gov.au/teaching-and-learning/curriculum/learning-across-the-curriculum/religion-and-ethics




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