Code of Conduct

SRE teachers visit schools as ambassadors for Christ and their relationships with children are marked by the Christian virtues of respect, service, justice and love.

As SRE teachers we share the privilege of sharing the Good News of Jesus with children in state schools. However, like every adult who works with children, each SRE Teacher is obliged by NSW Child Protection Legislation and other legislation to fulfil certain requirements. Such legislation aims to protect children for whom the Department of Education is responsible, as well as enhancing the effectiveness of the delivery of SRE to students.

Child Protection measures are in harmony with the Christian notion that each person is valued as a unique person fashioned in the image and likeness of God. Child Protection legislation requires that children are, at all times, treated in such a manner that they are enabled to develop into free, unique and autonomous persons endowed with dignity.  SRE Teachers actively support and adhere to such legislation.

Each church authority is allowed to send its SRE teachers into NSW state schools only on condition that the church has in place structures to ensure that its SRE teachers conform to the requirements of this legislation.

SRE teachers authorised by the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

If you feel that an SRE teacher authorised by the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst is not adhering to the Code of Conduct or have any other concerns you may complete and submit this Complaints Form. The Special Religious Education Complaints Policy and Procedure will be followed to resolve the issue. The SRE Complaints Flowchart outlines this process.

If the issue is a breach of child protection legislation, please contact the school principal and then the safeguarding officer at the Chancery on (02) 6334 6400.  

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