World Day of prayer, reflection and action against human trafficking

Sunday 8th February, 2015 will be designated as the "World Day of prayer, reflection and action against human trafficking".

As instructed by the Cardinal Secretary of State, Monsignor John John Kallarackal representing the Apostolic Nuncio, has written to all Australian bishops, requesting that we recognise this day and contribute to the sensitizing of public opinion and the Church community to this tragic phenomenon which represents on the saddest wounds of our time.  Please see Mgr Kallarackal's letter attached below.

The Holy Father has commented on various occasions on this new form of slavery and devoted the recent Message for the World Day of Peace to this theme. He has sympathetically welcomed the initiative promoted by the International Union of Superiors ­General. 

The Catholic Church and, in particular, women's religious orders have worked in many parts of the world to combat the trade in human beings, but it is necessary to have better understanding of the problem and wider collaboration among different religious and social groups. 

Bishop Michael McKenna invites you to join with our Christian brothers and sisters to recognise Sunday 8 February, 2015 as a day of prayer and reflection for all those who are affected by these atrocities.

Further information and resources for the World Day of prayer, reflection and action for human trafficking can be found at