24 Hours for the Lord

"Let us not under estimate the power of so many voices united in prayer! The 24 Hours for the Lord initiative, which I hope will be observed on 13th - 14th March throughout the Church, also at the diocesan level, is meant to be a sign of this need for prayer"

(From the message of Pope Francis for Lent 2015)

Following the enthusiasm of last year, the Holy Father has welcomed the idea of proposing once again the 24 Hours for the Lord initiative which was celebrated last Lent.

The Pontifical Council for the Promotion of the New Evangelization proposes the 24 hours for the Lord for Lent 2015 and will take place globally on Friday 13th - Saturday 14th March, according to the calendar set by the Holy Father.

The theme which will guide the reflection in 2015 is God rich in mercy (Eph 2:4).

Please join with our Christian brothers and sisters across the world in observing this day of dedication to our Lord.