Bishop Appoints College of Consultors and Clergy Appointments Board

Following discussions at last Monday’s Priests’ Assembly, the Bishop has made the following appointments:

College of Consultors (for a term of five years)

  • Rev Paul Devitt VG
  • Rev Laurie Beath
  • Rev Tony Hennessy
  • Rev Owen Gibbons
  • Rev Greg Kennedy
  • Rev Mark McGuigan

Clergy Appointments Board (for a term of three years) 

  • Rev Paul Devitt VG
  • Rev Joe Dooley
  • Rev Carl Mackander
  • Rev Garry McKeown 

The canonical duties of the College of Consultors are (i) to advise the Bishop on the appointment or dismissal of the Diocesan Financial Administrator (c.494); (ii) to consent or not to acts of extraordinary administration (c.1277) or (iii) alienation of certain ecclesiastical property (c.1292§1). The Bishop also takes advice and consent from the Diocesan Finance Council, comprising experts from among the lay faithful, on these matters.

As the College does not cease with the death or resignation of the Bishop, it also takes on special responsibilities should the See become vacant (cf. cc. 272, 413, 419, 421, 422, 485 and 501).

The Consultors are also, according to the law of New South Wales, the Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Bathurst.

The Clergy Appointments Board will advise the Bishop regularly on all matters formerly dealt with by the Consultors relating to all our seminarians, deacons and priests: not only with regard to making particular appointments, but also with regard to their circumstances and care, whether in full-time appointments or not.