Diocesan Pastoral Council Events

As a result of the Diocesan Assembly held over Pentecost weekend in 2013, several working groups have been formed to further the understandings of all people in our Diocese about our faith. The groups include:

  • Hearing and Proclaiming the Word of God
  • Worshipping God in Prayer and Sacrament
  • Building a Community of Love and Service
  • Participation of Indigenous Catholics
  • Participation of Young Catholics
  • The Domestic Church: Marriage and Families

The groups have been directed by the Bishop to deliver practical and functional events that parishioners from across the Diocese can pariticipate in to achieve a deeper relationship with their faith and each other.

Information on the events held can be found here:

Aboriginal Spirituality meets Catholic Faith

Proclaiming the Word of God Effectively

Formation Days For Sunday Worship in the Abscence of a Priest

Family Fun Day