St. Vincent de Paul Celebrates 85 Years in Kandos

A very special occasion was celebrated by the Kandos St. Vincent de Paul Conference on Sunday 17th May, 2015. The celebration of 85 years of Vincentian mission commenced with the celebration of Mass at the newly re-decorated St. Dominic's Catholic Church. The large congregation was made up of local parishioners, centre volunteers, retired and previous members of the Kandos conference, invited guests from the Evans Region and Bathurst Central Council.  

Father Tony Hennessy was the celebrant and, during his homily, reflected on the history of the Kandos Conference and the importance of the services provided by the conference and centre. He emphasised the increasing need for these services across all towns in NSW.

At the end of Mass, certificates were presented to Tom Oxley for over 50 years of service and Robyn Oxley for 25 years of service. Robyn and Tom were thanked for their generous contributions to the Society.

Following mass, a large group gathered in the newly renovated Church Hall for a beautifully prepared and enjoyable dinner.

During the official speeches, conference president Carol Morrissey spoke of the history of the conference and the wonderful work carried out by the founding members. Special mention was made of the Sparks, Frappell, Roberts, Norris, Mathews and Gallagher families during this time. 

Previous presidents were credited for their contribution to the conference and centre, including Keith Shumack, Jack Holland and Pat Frappell. 

Mrs Morrissey thanked Pat Frappell and his wife Margaret for travelling back to Kandos for the day. Pat was president of the St. Dominic's Conference for many years and was also Evans Regional President. Mrs Morrissey concluded by congratulating the six present members for their dedication to continuing the good works of the society in Kandos.

Centre president, Louise McPherson spoke of the history of the centre and mentioned Jack Holland, the first centre manager. Mr Holland dedicated much time and effort to establishing the centre and keeping it running over many years.

Once located in the church grounds, the centre is now centrally located in Angus Avenue. It is a welcoming and busy place. At present the number of volunteers working there is 35. Mrs McPherson thanked all the of Kandos volunteers for their commitment to the centre and the excellent service and support they provide.

Following lunch, badges recognising years of service to the Kandos Conference and Centre were awarded - time frames of service to the society ranging from 10 years to 30 years of volunteering and membership.

The longest serving volunteer is Maggie Swientek who has notched up close to 30 years of dedicated service. The celebration cake was cut by her.

Mrs Morrissey thanked everyone for attending and making it such a special celebration for the Kandos St. Vincent de Paul. Regional President Christine O'Mahony thanked the members of St. Dominic's Conference Kandos for the invitation to celebrate the special occasion with them and thanked the Kandos conference members and centre volunteers for their ongoing commitment to the 'Good Works' of the St. Vincent de Paul Society.

All present showed their appreciation of the time and effort that had gone into organising such a special and successful celebration.

Courtesy of the Mudgee Guardian

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