Deacons for the Diocese of Bathurst

Bishop McKenna has announced that, following five years of discernment and formation, Mr Charles Applin of Wallerawang and Mr Terry Mahony of Bathurst, will be admitted as Candidates for Ordination as Deacons on Sunday 9th August 2015. 

The ceremony will take place during the 10am Mass in the Cathedral and all are invited. 

Admission as a Candidate means the beginning of a final stage of preparation for Ordination early next year. It will also be a time of education and preparation for the priests and people of the Diocese as we prepare to receive the first permanent deacons in our history. 

Five other men and their wives have completed stages 1 - 3 of the program. Three of them are continuing to discern, with the Bishop and the formation team, when they may be ready to take the step of Candidacy. 

All seven men and their wives will be recognised for the substantial formation work that they have done over five years at the 5pm Vigil Mass on Saturday 4th July 2015. Whether they continue to Ordination or not, they will be able to make valuable contributions ministering in their parishes or across the Diocese. 

Keep tuned for more information on the Diaconate and how it will develop in our local church.