101st World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Message From Bishop Vincent Long

Bishop Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM CONV is the Bishop Delegate for Migrants and Refugees.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, in his message for the 101st World Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2015, has chosen the theme “Church without frontiers, Mother to all”. It is part of our Christian mandate from Jesus Christ to care for others and in particular the most vulnerable (c.f. Mt 7:12 and 25:35-36). The Holy Father, wishing to draw attention to and remind us of this, has chosen this theme. He wishes us to go beyond ourselves, to live an authentic Christian life, and show compassion and solidarity to those at the furthest fringes of society. In particular, Pope Francis has identified migrants and refugees to be in need of our special attention and care, as they are our brothers and sisters “who are trying to escape difficult living conditions and dangers of every kind.” (Message, 2015).

The Holy Father mentions that, “from the beginning, the Church has been a mother with a heart open to the whole world, and has been without borders.” (Message, 2015). 

We need to continue this tradition and welcome our brothers and sisters who are in most need of our assistance, in particular, those who have come from distant lands seeking a better life. Whilst the plight of refugees is often present and visible on our television screens, let us not forget the difficulties faced by the many migrants who have come to call Australia home. Often their hardships are not evident, but nonetheless still present.

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