Social Justice Sunday 2015

Social Justice Sunday will be celebrated throughout parishes across Australia this coming Sunday, 27th September 2015.

This year's Social Justice Statement by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference is entitled "For Those Who've Come Across the Seas"

Bishop McKenna has issued a message for Social Justice Sunday.....


Social Justice Sunday 2015

The plight of millions of people displaced from their homes is this year’s focus for Social Justice Sunday in Australia.

The Australian Catholic Bishops have published a statement entitled “For Those Who’ve Come Across the Seas” on our response to refugees and asylum seekers. I encourage you to read it and to pray and reflect on it with your fellow parishioners. What practical steps, as a community of love and service, could we take?

Recently there have been dramatic developments in the Syrian refugee crisis. These developments have raised public awareness and prompted some welcome action by governments, including our own. But the fundamentals of the worldwide problem and the response from us it demands, remain the same.

In our peaceful, well-fed life here, it is difficult to imagine the physical and emotional distress that these people have been through and continue to suffer. The sheer size of the disaster tempts us to look away, so helpless do we feel about helping its victims and amending its causes.

We cannot lift all the suffering, or deal with its causes easily or quickly, but that does not mean we can do nothing. In the simple advice of St. Mary of the Cross MacKillop: “Never see a need without doing something about it”.

God bless the generosity of all those already working to care for refugees, wherever they are on the journey. May our prayers be accompanied by our works.

+ Michael McKenna
Bishop of Bathurst

September 2015


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