The Congregation of the Mission (Vincentian Fathers and Brothers) is a Society of Apostolic life 'born' during a homily of St Vincent de Paul in 1617.

The 'Vins' came to Bathurst, from Ireland in 1889 to run St Charles' Seminary and St Stanislaus' College. By then, both were located in the towered 'Stannies' building on Brilliant Street, overlooking Bathurst.

The Seminary closed in 1891 but the College remains, the latter having begun in 1867 near the Cathedral. Among the first Vincentians to arrive was Deacon Joseph Slattery CM, who completed his studies at St Charles' before being ordained to the priesthood. He was a gifted scientist, a pioneer in radiography who took the first medical X-Ray image in Australia.

A Vincentian, Michael O'Farrell CM, was Bishop of Bathurst from 1920-28. Many old boys of the College have served as diocesan clergy or as priests and brothers in the Vincentians or in other communities. A host of Vincentian priests and brothers have devoted themselves to the College apostolate over 125 years. Brother Brendan Tanner CM is the most recent among a significant group of brothers who have enriched Stannies by their work and example.

Currently, Fr Peter Reedy CM is resident Chaplain at St Stanislaus’ College, the current link in a long chain. Other apostolates in the Diocese engaged in by the Vincentians have included parish ministry and prison chaplaincy, with Father Greg Walsh CM now posted at Bathurst Correctional Centre.

The Province to which the Vincentians in Bathurst belong was, until recently, called "The Australian Province" but now it is named "The Oceania Province", a recognition of the presence of the Vins in several Pacific nations, especially Fiji.  

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