Bishop's Christmas Missionary Appeal

The proceeds of the 2015 Bishop’s Special Missionary Appeal at Christmas will this year be directed towards the Diocese of Kohima, North Eastern India.

The Diocese of Kohima takes in the Nagaland region of North Eastern India, which constitutes 11 tribal groupings each identifiable by its own district. Sanis is a large township within the Wokha District and is one of the oldest Catholic village communities in the Diocese.

There is only one Catholic priest resident in Sanis, who coordinates the St. Peter’s Centre which was established in 2009. The Centre has a multitude of functions serving Sanis and the seven other closely located Catholic communities.  This includes providing education for the children, pastoral care, catechesis and evangelisation. The Sisters of Divine Providence are actively engaged in the work of the St. Peter’s Centre and its pastoral outreach.

Bishop Thoppil from the Diocese of Kohmia said, “The educational apostolate is the key to the Church’s pastoral, catechetical and missionary outreach in Sanis and its villages. Providing the necessary infrastructure at Sanis is a long and gradual process. The St. Peter’s Centre is in most urgent need of new classrooms. The existing school buildings are a shambles. We need 17 new rooms altogether”.

To support the construction of the Centre, Bishop McKenna and the Council of Priests have agreed to commit the Bishop’s Christmas Missionary Appeal to the Kohima for the next three years.

We are fortunate to have wonderful educational facilities in our Diocese for our children. It would be a great blessing for the parishioners of Sanis and if they could also enjoy quality school facilities.

There will be an opportunity to share the spirit of Christmas, and help bring this project to fruition, at all Christmas Masses across the Diocese. You can also send your donation direct to Bishop McKenna at PO Box 246, Bathurst, NSW, 2795.


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