Planning for the future at the Josephite Foundation

The enthusiastic Board members and Executive Officer of the Josephite Foundation (JF) met recently to create a path for the future. The Josephite Foundation, which operates No Interest Loans Schemes (NILS) in Bathurst, Lithgow, Cowra and Young, and administers StepUp loans in two centres, is keen to address the needs of marginalized people in the communities in which they operate.

Plans have been put in place for the Josephite Foundation to expand its services over the next year to include enabling low income earners in the workforce to access NILS as well as allowing interviews to be conducted over the telephone for existing NILS clients. JF NILS programs have been registered on the community YourLink app to assist with the promotion of the various programs to potential users. Site committees in each of the JF centres support and promote the Josephite Foundation NILS and StepUP loans in their local area.

The strategic planning meeting was facilitated by Sister Therese Carroll rsj with the aim of ensuring that the good work of the JF in the field of microfinance and financial inclusion is carried on into the future.

The Sisters of St Joseph are proud of this ministry as the provision of microfinance loans to people on limited incomes, is not just about giving them access to social responsible finance options, but it is also about giving people a “hand-up” in life and respecting their dignity. As expressed by Kirsty Gilmore, the JF Executive Officer “These small loans have proven themselves to be ‘Life Changing’ to so many people, allowing them to purchase essential items without breaking the fortnightly budget and, in many cases, enhancing their sense of self-respect”. 

The Josephite Foundation looks confidently to the future as it seeks to promote the dignity of people by enhancing self-determination, personal growth and justice for those who are marginalised in the community.

Sister Therese McGarry rsj

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