Josh’s call to Candidacy

On 29th May 2016 we celebrated Corpus Christi Sunday. At the same time, Joshua Clayton was admitted as a Candidate for Ordination to the Diaconate. Bishop Michael McKenna was the principal celebrant for Mass at the Cathedral of St Michael and St John and called on Josh to take the next step to becoming a Permanent Deacon.

This is the final and most public stage in a journey of more than five years of formation and discernment. Josh will continue along this journey in partnership with his wife, Anna and his four children until called to ordination by the Bishop.

Josh is the third candidate within the Diocese to be called to Candidacy for the Permanent Diaconate, with Terry Mahony and Charles Applin being ordained as deacons earlier this year, and Mike Williams of Wellington is set to be admitted as a Candidate on 10th August 2016. 

Deacons directly help the Bishop in reaching out to people on the edges of Church life. These distances may be geographical or social and economic; or distances of the heart in faith and practice. They assist with works of charity, catechesis and co-ordination. Deacons can baptise, preach and officiate at marriages and funerals. There are specific functions in the celebration of the Liturgy reserved to them. 

The Bishop commented on the generosity of all those who have been part of this program. “They have been willing to be contributors to the life of the Church”, said Bishop McKenna.

Kimbalee Clews