Exalt 2016

On Friday 2nd December 2016, the Parish of St Mary and St Joseph, Orange was the first parish to hold Exalt, a great night of praise, worship, music and fun for the youth of our Diocese. It was a wonderful gathering of more than 50 youth with many school students coming from various parts of the Diocese including a bus from Dubbo who brought 14 energetic and cheerful students mostly from St John's College, Dubbo. Orange, as the home parish, contributed the majority of the attendants, with St Joseph's, Manildra also bringing a bus load of younger particpants, which was fantastic to see. People from Bathurst and Portland also travelled to be part of the night. 

Exalt began with a BBQ outside St Joseph's Presbytery, followed by singing and dancing. The band, which was directed by our seminarian, Karl Sinclair, played some great worship hymns, which helped bring the young people to the spirit of the night: Praise and Worship.

The highlight of the night was an inspiring testimony by Leah Herbert, a student from St. John's, Dubbo. In her testimony, Leah urged the young people to overcome fear and let fear be turned into strength by getting close to Jesus and letting Him come into your life. In addition to Leah's testimony, Sandy Abbey's talk on 'the Reason for the Season' also helped the young people to better understand the meaning of Advent. All these activities led to the most important part of the night - spending time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament at Adoration and Benediction.

During the Adoration, the students were able to attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation with either Fr Garry McKeown, Parish Priest of St Mary's and St Joseph's, Orange; Fr Ephrem Thadathil, Assistant Priest, Fr Brian Murphy or Fr Pat Ruane.

The event then closed by more singing and dancing. The night went very quickly with everyone having a fantastic night.

Plans are underway for other parishes to hold Exalt events across the Diocese over 2017. Watch out for more information come in the New Year.

Dong Van Nguyen







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