Looking towards a better future

Dear Friends in Christ,

In my Lenten Message of 2017, I asked for our local church to become a community ready to listen to, accompany and assist those among us who suffered childhood sexual abuse in our schools, orphanages and parishes.

We cannot undo the past: we can only do our best in the present, for a better future.

May I invite anyone who has been living with these painful memories and now feels ready to talk about them to begin by contacting our Professional Standards Office on 02 9287 1542. There is also a complaints line on
1300 369 977. They will respect your privacy and the pace at which you wish to proceed.

This invitation is also for those who have engaged with this process in the past, but would like to reconnect, as healing can be a life-long journey.

I understand that some survivors feel so betrayed by church people and institutions that it would be difficult, even impossible, for them to trust us again. I do understand, and can only offer a humble prayer that they would find another way that leads to healing and hope.

+Michael McKenna
Bishop of Bathurst