An update on Diocesan Safeguarding

The commitment that the Diocese of Bathurst has made to safeguarding, and the implementation of the recommendations of the Royal Commission, has been a priority for 2019. 

Bishop McKenna has established a safeguarding committee from all agencies of the Diocese, to assist in the implementation and development of best practice child protection strategies in parishes, schools, Centacare and all other Diocesan entities.

This year a focus has been placed on parish training, with the National Council of Churches’ Safe Church Awareness Workshops being rolled out across the Diocese. Each parish has had, or will have, a workshop run in their parish. These are timed to allow those in ministry in parishes in to be involved. Workshops have been attended by all priests, deacons and seminarians in active ministry and also by lay people. To date, over 160 people have completed the one-day workshops, totalling over 1,000 hours of training.

This month, a poster will be distributed for display in all parishes, schools and Diocesan buildings. It will give contact details for safeguarding in each agency of the Diocese and will provide information on how to contact others for further assistance in this area.

In our parishes and agencies, there is an on-going process of training and development. Recently, schools have completed their annual training in this area, and our active clergy have completed a session on Child Protection and Schools.

As we maintain our work to protect the young and vulnerable, it is important to continue to live each day the vision of care and responsibility given to us by Jesus, and guided by state and national bodies.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

Deacon Josh Clayton

September 2019

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