Mens get together was a welcome relief

Getting communities together while impacted by drought is very important for their wellbeing. Recently, Centacare was part of organising a men's get together in Ballimore.

Ballimore and its surrounding small villages, such as Elong Elong are currently declared in "intense drought" and getting time off farm is becoming more important.

Centacare works closely with a large number of other agencies. Together, the agencies were able to successfully secure grant funding from the Western Primary Health Network to run a number of men's and women's workshops. These workshops are modelled on a providing a great dinner, an inspiring guest speaker and some other activities of interest to the men. It was Ballimore's turn for the men on 13th November.

Centacare aimed high for the guest speaker and the Honourable Tony Abbott, former Prime Minister of Australia, accepted the invitation and donated his time. Steve Whale, a local Gollan man, came along and provided a number of sausage making demonstrations  The Dubbo West Rotary volunteered to cook the BBQ, including some of the locally made sausages. Another highlight of the night was four hairdressers from Barbers on Bourke, who also donated their time to cut the men's hair. Even Tony Abbott lined up for a trim in the spirit of the evening. The local CWA and local pub were employed to help with the catering, putting money back into local communities which is vital.

Mr Abbott gave an inspirational speech to the 80 men present, sharing how he coped with adversity and some personal insights and made reference to the large war memorial plaque in the Ballimore Hall which is headed "For God, King and Country". He shared that these were the three things that motivated him and in that order.

Some feedback from the men who intended the night included: "Everyone was glad to get together", "have more of them", "fantastic night - great relax and unwind", "great get together", "great get together - much appreciated", "awesome", "great event great turnout", "great initiative - good job", "great casual surrounding for good conversations", “great - to see a great gathering of the local men especially in a tough time", “great to get an important speaker", "need more of it", "fantastic event”, "well done", "this event was very much valuable", "great cause", "fantastic event".  The overall feeling was GREAT.

The agencies that partnered together to make this night possible inlucded Centacare, NALAG and DPI. These agencies working together created an opportunity to provide support and listen to locals and offer additional help where needed. 

Louise Hennessy









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