Parishes on Mission

The Diocesan Pastoral working group, Building a Community of Love and Service, will host the first "Parishes on Mission". The event has the objective of celebrating the wonderful initiatives being delivered in parishes every day, and to provide an opportunity to share ideas and information.

The Diocesan Pastoral Council invites representatives from parishes across the Diocese to gather in Orange and present some of the programs and services offered in their local parish. It is also an opportunity for all parishioners to learn from others. This is a day for everyone: priests, religious, parishioners, leaders of ministries… everyone is invited.

This will be an opportunity for each parish of the Diocese to come together and share the wonderful things they are already doing, as well as learn about other parishes innovative ways of connecting with those outside our worshipping community.

Input on the day will cover many areas including how to welcome and engage with new people, ministry to the marginalised as well as tools for evangelisation. Speakers will include:

  • Lorraine McCarthy, Alpha Australia: "Is there more?" 
  • Sheree Talbot, Beyond Barbed Wire: "When I was in prison you visited me"  
  • Pastor Gavin Brett, Orange Ministry Centre: "Connecting for Mission"
This event will be a chance for all members of the parishes to come together to celebrate and challenge themselves to go forward on mission. 

When: Saturday 27th July 2019 from 10.00am-3.00pm

Where: Kenna Hall, Hill Street, Orange

For more information, contact your parish office or Tony Eviston on 6334 6400 or email: (remove XX) chancellor XX @bathurst XX

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