The Cathedral car park to temporarily close from Wednesday 29th January

The next major stage of the Cathedral Restoration project will see significant changes to the landscape of the Cathedral grounds. A new traffic entry will be constructed from William Street, with the current Keppel Street entry being removed, to allow the creation of green space and paved areas.

The Cathedral car park will close on Wednesday 29th January, and remain closed until the completion of these works, in the second half of 2020.

A ‘Kiss and Drop’ zone for Cathedral Primary School students has been established by Bathurst Regional Council on William Street, adjacent to the Centacare building. A gate next to Centacare offices on William Street will also give access Cathedral School playground during this time.

For the first three days of the new school term, traffic controllers will be in place to assist parents with the adjustment to this new method for the drop off and pickup of the Cathedral Primary School students.

The RMS has designated the section of William Street between Piper and Keppel Streets as a 40km School Zone. Motorists are reminded that the speed restrictions will now operate during school terms.

Once completed, the new design will increase the safety of the traffic flow through the precinct, without reducing the overall number of car parking spaces.

Traffic islands, similar to those in William Street near the Royal Hotel, will be installed in William and Keppel Streets, to ensure the smooth flow of traffic entering and exiting the car park.

The design will involve removing the brick walls and barriers erected over the years, visually making the Cathedral grounds an extension of the wonderful Machattie Park, whilst removing the concrete surrounding the building that has adversely impacted the Cathedral, preventing the original masonry from breathing and the building from being properly ventilated.

The ground level around the Cathedral will be reduced back to its original levels, to improve the life of the building.

A new entrance to the Cathedral will also be constructed through the area currently occupied by the Cathedral Gift Shop, with level access from the car park, to ensure easy access for those with limited mobility. During construction, the Cathedral Gift shop will be relocated to the Diocese Offices at 118 Keppel Street.

The timing of this stage of the project will be dependent on a number of factors, but it is anticipated it will be completed by the end of 2020.

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