Child Protection Sunday - 10 September 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

Every year, we observe Child Protection Sunday in our churches.

We pray for all children, especially those in our own country and around the world who are now suffering neglect and mistreatment. We also hold in our prayers our brothers and sisters who have suffered in the past and today still bear the wounds of abuse. In particular, we remember those whose suffering was in our own institutions. 

In addition to our prayers, we resolve to continue to do all that we can to ensure the safety and protection of children who are in our care today in parishes, schools and other church activities.

This year, Child Protection Sunday will be on 10th September 2017. In addition, I call on the people of our Diocese to observe Thursday 7th September as a Day of Prayer and Fasting for these intentions. This may be done individually, as well as coming together with your fellow parishioners in prayer gatherings that will be organised on this day.

+Michael McKenna

Bishop of Bathurst