Let's rediscover the gift of the Rosary

Dear Friends in Christ, 

I have a simple message for this October: let's rediscover the gift of the Rosary.

This prayer has been around for many centuries. It has been prayed by the most learned, as well as by people who could not read or write. It can be prayed by children, by the very old, and everyone in between. It can be prayed when we feel close to God, but also when we feel far away from faith.

This October, I ask parishes, schools and especially families, to gather for the Rosary. I am grateful for the work that Catholic Education, Diocese of Bathurst is doing to promote this in our schools.

This month is being promoted as a time of prayer and penance for marriages and families. It would be wonderful for this prayer to happen, not just for families, but from families. Even to gather for just one decade would bring great blessing for you and all the Church.

Mary, Mother of the Church, Our Lady of the Central West, pray for us and with us.

+Michael McKenna

Bishop of Bathurst