Bishop of Geraldton launches Communio Disaster Appeal

Cyclone Seroja’s Impact on the Geraldton Diocese and Communities of the Midwest / Gascoyne

Cyclone Seroja inflicted major damage on a vast area of the southern part of the Diocese of Geraldton. Never in living memory has a cyclone with a severity of Category three strength hit the Diocese, beginning with Kalbarri on the coast.

Wind gusts of up to 170kms were reported during landfall.Seroja travelled very fast down through the local communities of Northampton, Mullewa, Morawa, Mingenew, Three Springs and Perenjori. On its path this cyclone affected major damage to a number of churches, presbyteries, school buildings and other premises of the Diocese. Enormous damage was done to so many farms, businesses and homes within those communities and across the farming areas.

Bishop of Geraldton, Michael Morrissey siad, "Geraldton itself escaped Cyclone Seroja with only minor damage.The blessing is that no one was injured despite the destruction that occurred and what we have witnessed on the TV screens or through social media photos. However, the psychological and emotional scars of this natural disaster will be present to many for some time to come".

"A number of businesses are now not able to operate and many of our farming communities were about to begin seeding. This now has been severely disrupted by the destruction of stored grain and fertilizer, together with the sheds that housed them, through the power of the winds and flying obstacles. Others too have also lost stored feed for their livestock", he said.

If you wish to donate, please find below a link to the Communio Appeal, which among other things, supports people suffering from natural disasters.

By following this link Seroja Communio Appeal Form you will see a specific reference is to be used when making a donation via your bank account. This clear reference distinguishes this donation from the Bishop's Christmas or School Communio Appeals.

The funds collected will be used solely for the relief efforts and support to people in need who have been impacted by Cyclone Seroja. 

"I am deeply grateful for the prayerful support and the spiritual strength that you give through your prayers, and I thank you for your support of our wellbeing and health through practical donations. It will be forever remembered and treasured by the Diocese of Geraldton and the wider community," said Bishop Morrissey.

More information can be found on the Diocese of Geraldton website HERE

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