Children meet with Bishop Michael as they prepare for Confirmation

Already this year, children from Molong, Oberon, Lithgow and Bathurst parishes have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.

It's a busy time for Bishop Michael McKenna, as he travels across the Diocese to confirm the hundreds of children who work diligently preparing to receive the Holy Spirit. Where possible, Bishop Michael spends time with students in the lead up to their Confirmation, visiting schools across the Diocese. 

On 23rd May, Bishop Michael and Dean of the Cathedral, Fr Paul Devitt VG, visited with Year 6 students from St Philomena's Primary School, Bathurst. Together, they prayed the Angelus and spent time discussing the Baptismal promises their parents made on their behalf. They read and reflected on the Sunday Gospel, which was proclaimed on the weekend they were Confirmed.

There was a good discussion about many things, including when and where the Bishop was confirmed and what saint’s name he had chosen, which was St Augustine. The students were also interested in Bishop Michael's role as the head of the Diocese, what it meant he can and can't do and how he decided to be a priest.

Bishop Michael was keen to learn about where the children had been Baptised, the saints chosen for Confirmation names, as well as ensuring they understood the questions they will be asked when they receive the Sacrament; a significant milestone in their faith journey. 

It's always enlightening to listen to the children, who bring such enthusiasm and a different perspective to age-old questions. 

Many young people in the church community will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation over the coming months and we ask for your prayers as they receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit, to strengthen their resolve to lead a Christian life.

Kimbalee Clews 

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