Help for those suffering financial hardship

To assist those most affected by the severity of the current drought gripping most of NSW, the Catholic Diocese of Bathurst has offered practical support to those experiencing hardship.

Bishop of Bathurst, Michael McKenna travels widely throughout the Diocese and is well aware of the devastating results the drought is having on communities whose livelihoods are dependent on rain.

Bishop McKenna said, “The provision of affordable Catholic schooling should not be an added burden to the financial strain of families, especially for those in need in this time of drought.”

Bishop McKenna reminds families who are in difficult financial circumstances, for any reason, that they are always able to approach their school principal to arrange relief of their school fees.

“We certainly do not wish to add to the financial burden families are currently experiencing, as money should not be a barrier to children attending Catholic schools”, he said.

This practical initiative is in addition to the request from Bishop McKenna for a Day of Prayer for rain and for those suffering from the drought.

“As people of faith, we are already praying for rain and for everyone whose lives and livelihood depends on this blessing. Last Sunday, the Diocese was united in a Day of Prayer for those intentions”, said Bishop McKenna.

If your family is suffering financial hardship for any reason and finding it difficult to pay school fees, please contact your school principal for assistance.






Media Contact: For further information contact Kimbalee Clews, Catholic Diocese of Bathurst on 0407 888 407 or email (remove XX) comms XX @bathurst XX 

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