Project Compassion 2021 - BE MORE

On Shrove Tuesday, 16th February, Bishop Michael was welcomed by the students and staff of The Assumption Catholic Primary School, Bathurst to launch Project Compassion in the Diocese.

Project Compassion is Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten appeal, which runs for the six weeks of Lent .In its 56th year, Project Compassion is one of Australia’s longest running appeals, and has been a long-standing Lenten fixture in parishes across Australia with its iconic donation boxes. In this time, Australians have raised millions of dollars for marginalized communities worldwide.

This year, Project Compassion calls on us all to ‘Be More’. At a time of such upheaval and challenge across the globe, possibly the greatest world-wide challenges since the inception of Project Compassion, Caritas Australia encourages all Australians to ‘Be More’ this year to help vulnerable communities.

Don't forget to take your Project Compassion boxes home and start collecting funds to support those who need it most to "be more".
You can find out more about Project Compassion and how Caritas Australia helps people from all over the word HERE>

Bishop Michael McKenna, Mrs Kate Salmon, Principal of Assumption Catholic Primary School 
and Year Six students and staff


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