Cathedral's historic Altar restored to its former glory

After extensive consultation and discussion, the historic 1897 Altar at the Cathedral of St Michael and St John, Bathurst has been restored to its original design and the result is nothing short of magnificent! 

The restored Altar was revealed earlier this week and has been very well received by all those who have had the opportunity to see it.

The relief of the fallen Jesus, which was removed from the original Altar in the 1983 changes, was painstakingly detached from the modern Altar in three pieces and reinstalled to its original place. At the same time, the Sanctuary platform constructed in the 1983 renovation was removed, lowering the floor level and exposing the original beautiful marble and terrazzo flooring.  

The expert craftsmen from Stone Restorations have been responsible for the Altar being restored to its former glory. Stone Restorations is a Rylstone-based business who has completed the restoration works at the Cathedral. 

This is one of the many milestones achieved in the process of restoring the Cathedral of St Michael and St John over the past five years.

The next stage will see an alternative temporary seating layout trialled, with feedback being sought as to its long term suitability. The proposed layout will move to a traditional cruciform shape. Seating will be placed in the Northern Transept (the former Blessed Sacrament Chapel), and will share a side view of the Altar with the seating in the Keppel Street side of the Cathedral. 

The Catholic Diocese of Bathurst is committed to preserving the historic Cathedral, not only as a place of worship, but as a significant historical building in the Bathurst region. Your support is always gratefully received. Tax deductible donations can be made at any parish office or HERE>

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