A Message from Bishop McKenna ~ Christmas 2018

This Christmas, let’s remember all those in our region still stricken by the effects of the drought. We have had some rain and some districts look greener; but we know that, without more rain, it will soon dry off again. Even once the drought breaks, the losses it has brought to farmers’ finances and livestock will not be quickly restored.

In the midst of the stress and strain that these conditions bring, we hear stories of neighbours and even people from far away reaching out with practical assistance and sympathetic support. Our Diocesan fund, managed by Centacare, has received generous donations; and is ready for long-term assistance. 

Let’s look out for one another: and not give up on our prayers. 

Each Christmas, we celebrate that God has entered and shared in the fragility of our human life. Christ is closest to us when we are in trouble: he is our ultimate hope. Let’s discover his love again on the feast of his birth. 

+Michael McKenna
Bishop of Bathurst